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Louis Vuitton. Its compelling advertising, the brand was called everything from the romantic train scene Muhammad Ali and his trusty Louis Vuitton KEEPALL, and classic Louis Vuitton Alma Handbags, Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs has hired model Carly Krause (Karlie Kloss), of Daria Strokous Jagaciak JAC and Iris Strubegger city taken stroll bag. The chic bridge motor function, you may have guessed, the Alma bag paraded some of the world's most famous trestle in New York, Paris and Shanghai.

Americans are likely to recognize that advertising in New York - it's none other than the Brooklyn Bridge, New York yellow taxi proper shade Alma Bag Sport. Advertising in France and China, but also has national colors included and China, Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM London and Tokyo may have been in the past few years, a clear nod to the importance of still expanding Chinese market for luxury goods , especially leather. Of advertising, it is characterized by pre-fall 2013 appearance, shot by Steven Meisel magazine from the beginning of this week will begin to appear. Check-out the full image below by Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton Artsy GM.

Today's article is a bit different from our usual celebrities - you see above is clearly an unnecessary huge pile of Louis Vuitton luggage belonging to the card wearing half of the Shan family - Chris, Courtney Scott Mason, baby Penelope and their various handlers picture. After the jump, you'll see the whole gang fresh pictures off a plane from New York to London. Kourtney and Chris are doing: Hermes Birkins (of Kourtney personal assistant and / or nanny holding her, and she wheeled stroller). Scott Disick what looks of Damiere Ebene, Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag, although we can not really see it is not good enough to identify the exact name of the design.

We just prank Sarah Jessica Parker in a couple of weeks ago, for the same crime. I mean, I like when I travel wardrobe options, but this is just a ridiculous number of what might be a few days in London jaunt, tops carry luggage. If you are looking for your own collection to pick up the LV reasonable, the company's website, you can buy a wide range of varieties of Louis Vuitton Luggage.

Christina Passariello wrote the recent Wall Street Journal article, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses, its weak growth and logos cover the bag, now find themselves in the throes of the business of fashion and the most puzzling paradox - how do you sell bags of manyman does not become associated with the mass-market consumer, rather than rarefied luxury? least for now, LVMH Group, executives believe that the solution to this problem may be across the board price increases. Vuitton's growth has slowed in recent monthsbecause the luxury-hungry consumers in emerging markets such as China is becoming rapidly more complex, in essence, they want to the subtle leather bags instead of flag-covered canvas pieces Vuitton butter and bread, in addition to the brandthe most obvious sign., how accurate, prices will help you? Welcome to our http://www.louisvuittonhandbags2013okbuy.com


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