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Post  miaomiao1234 on Thu May 16, 2013 3:38 pm

The more people get used to shopping for luxury goods online, the more they want options, especially when it comes to things that are vintage, pre-owned or no longer available in regular stores. (Or sold in very limited retail locations, louis vuitton outlet store like Louis Vuitton or Chanel.) Several types services, from dedicated luxury re-sellers like Portero to flash sale sites like Rue La La, to traditional auction houses like Heritage Auctions that now offer online options for luxury goods, have sprung up to meet those desires, but some retailers like ShopBop are taking the search for vintage designer handbags into their own hands. ShopBop has been working with vintage stalwart What Goes Around, Comes Around for several years, and in the past, the handbag offerings have included lots of Chanel and one or two Hermes pieces. ShopBop has now added a small selection of limited edition and discontinued Louis Vuitton pieces to that assortment, including sought-after pieces from the Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami art collaborations. Below, louis vuitton outlet online we’ve included our favorite from all of the What Goes Around, Comes Around pieces at ShopBop, or you can check out the entire vintage offering at ShopBop.

Here’s Alexa Chung once again, prowling the streets of Manhattan with an adorable black Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag and a customized Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Keepall Bag. We just spotted Alexa last week towing her Mon Monogram Pegase Suitcase around NYC. Interestingly enough, her Pegase is customized with completely different colors than her Keepall. louis vuitton outlet You can get your own customized Mon Monogram Keepall for $1,650 from Louis Vuitton. Alexa’s Chanel Mini is a particular favorite of hers – to tour the rest of her bag stash, check out “The Many Bags of Alexa Chung”! How do you feel about color-mixing your customized designer pieces, PB readers?

As a real, live single woman in her 20s who is dating in New York City, I make a lot of small talk with dudes who I don’t know very well. Almost invariably, when a dude finds out what I do for a living, first he wants to tell me about that time where he spent an “exorbitant” amount of money (usually less than $600 – Louis Vuitton Handbags for sale straight guys and their bags are so adorable) on a bag that he actually loves, and it was totally worth it, so he understands the whole handbag thing. After that, guys usually ask what men’s bags I think are the best, and I sputter for a few seconds. Given some time to think about it, though, my vote would go to Louis Vuitton. I don’t think that Vuitton’s are necessarily the highest quality available on the planet or the most of-the-moment, but when you consider the fine materials used, the absolutely enormous selection of shapes and sizes, and the generally restrained, modern look of the bags, I think LV gives dude bag lovers the world over the best set of options available. Louis Vuitton Luggage for sale I mean, just look at that Louis Vuitton Naxos Keepall 45 Bandouliere up there. It’s sedate, incredibly luxurious and totally classic. It’s hard to say that truthfully about any bag, men’s or women’s, but that’s often what Vuitton accomplishes with its men’s designs, especially in leather. You can pick up one for $4,850 via Louis Vuitton. What about you? Have an indie brand you like? Prefer a company that keeps things a little more affordable? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s one of my fave funny gals, Louis Vuitton Men Bags for sale Rebel Wilson, mucking about in midtown Manhattan and carrying a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Speedy 30 Bag. I love how Rebel’s stripe and monogram customization perfectly match the shade of her lip color. Rebel is the second celeb we’ve seen rocking the Mon Monogram this week – Alexa Chung was spotted ferrying her customized LV suitcase around Manhattan mere days ago. You can get your own Speedy 30 with full customization for $1,240 at Louis Vuitton. No word on what Rebel was up to in NYC, but we suspect she might be doing a little promotion for her upcoming flick with Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg and Dwayne Louis Vuitton Shoes for sale“The Rock” Johnson, Pain & Gain.

Louis Vuitton luggage has been a fairly hot topic here on PB as of late. I’ve read your comments extensively, and PB reader feelings on the issue are pretty neatly divided between, “It’s tacky and overpriced,” and, “If you can afford it, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses for sale flaunt it.” Today we’re not dealing with massive piles of LV, just a single, customized Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Pegase Suitcase that’s being wheeled around NYC by none other than Alexa Chung. If you can indeed afford it, and wish to flaunt it, you can customize your own Pegase on Louis Vuitton for $3,600. (Want a peek at the rest of Alexa’s designer bag collection? Check out “The Many Bags of Alexa Chung”.)Seeing people with rolling suitcases (who aren’t tourists) is fairly common in Manhattan because it’s one of the handier ways to transport a heavy load without taking a cab, but you rarely see someone famous doing it with a $3,600 piece of Louis Vuitton. Stars, Louis Vuitton Wallets for sale they’re just like…oh, nevermind.

Today’s post is a little different from our usual celeb features – the pic you see above is obviously an unnecessarily massive pile of Louis Vuitton luggage belonging to half of the Kardashian clan – Kris, Kourtney, Scott, Mason, baby Penelope, and their assorted handlers. After the jump, you’ll see pics of the whole gang fresh off a plane from NYC to London. Kourtney and Kris are carrying Hermes Birkins (Kourtney’s personal assistant and/or nanny appears to be holding hers while she wheels the stroller). Scott Disick is carrying what looks to be a Louis Vuitton Damiere Ebene Messenger Bag, though we can’t really see it well enough to ID it with the exact design name. We were just ragging on Sarah Jessica Parker for committing the same offense just a few weeks ago. I mean, Louis Vuitton Belts for sale I like to have wardrobe options when I travel too, but this is just a ridiculous amount of luggage for what is likely to be just a few days’ jaunt in London, tops. If you’re looking to pick up a reasonable amount of LV for your own collection, you can shop a broad assortment of Louis Vuitton luggage on the company’s website.


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