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Regular Black Friday sales are fun, but you know what’s really fun? Being able to get your hands on vintage and gently used pieces that aren’t normally available on the Internet at all. louis vuitton outlet That’s where our friends at Rue La La come in – they’re known for offering the best vintage and gently used rare pieces on the Internet, and because today is such a huge day in online shopping, they’ve cooked up something particularly special for you with the Rue La La Luxe Gifts Sale. With everything from Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags, to Chanel and Hermes accessories, to Tiffany jewelry (a first!), this huge sale has not only a bunch of options for the luckiest recipients on your gift list this holiday season, but also perhaps a little something with which you might treat yourself. louis vuitton outlet store After all, it’s the ladies in the family that usually experience the most holiday stress because we’re generally the ones saddled with the duties of gift-buying, wrapping and cooking. You deserve a treat (or maybe two), and we’ve got some suggestions to get you started when the sale opens in half an hour. Shop quickly, though – the sale runs from 3 p.m. today, November 23 to 11 a.m. Monday, November 26. Shop the full sale starting at 3! Hermes Black Lizard Birkin, 25cm

Neutral enough to be taken out for a spin whenever you please, small enough to get oohs and ahhs at an after-work event; this exotics Birkin is the best of both worlds. louis vuitton outlet online Available via Rue La La. Here we have Reese Witherspoon, playing the dutiful soccer mom, ferrying the requisite orange slice snacks to her son Deacon’s soccer game. Stars: They’re just like us! On her other arm? (The one not on orange duty.) The Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull Tote, personalized with her initials “L.R.W.” (Her real first name is Laura.) Reese looks none too happy about being photographed while momming it up in jeans, sneaks and a sweatshirt at a family outing. But this is what he people want to see, Reese! Reese Witherspoon in the part of Reese Witherspoon. Or at least, louis vuitton handbags that’s what your last half dozen movie roles would suggest. But let’s get down to brass tacks here – were you aware that Reese is starring in a movie adaptation of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”? Yes, 8 million years after that book became a commercial success, someone is ingeniously making a movie out of it – most likely the same people who brought you the ensemble fluff piece that was “What To Expect When You’re Expecting.” Ugh. Buy Reese’s Louis Vuitton tote through Louis Vuitton for $1320.

Do I really need to say more? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand plus words and today, this photo is here to make us all drool. The Louis Vuitton Alma is one of the most classic handbags of all time, and when I saw this green alligator version, I felt my heart skip a few beats. And what better than this small version, cheap louis vuitton handbags which is the epitome of evening-wear chic. Thank you Louis Vuitton for giving us something to dream about and lust over this weekend, you have made our purse loving hearts go boom, boom, boom. I have a love hate relationship with the Kardashians, just like many of you do. I catch their show, I find some of their antics funny, cheap Louis Vuitton Luggage and I find many things they partake in ridiculous, one of which being their constant paparazzi and news presence. I already know I am playing into it by covering Kim on our site, but what can I say, I kind of love her. Kim is fun to watch. Her mom realized she was a dollar sign and she went gung-ho to promote Kimmy as best she could, and it has worked so far. Whether you like her or not, you know her name and you also know about her love life. Kim has been clinging to Kanye West recently like a magnet, and they seem to be using one another as an accessory. After his return from Paris, Kanye jetted down to Miami to be included on Kim’s reality show and do things reality stars do, like dress up and go look at houses. cheap Louis Vuitton Bags Kim wouldn’t leave Kanye West’s side, nor would she put down her Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Zippy Wallet in red monogram dots.

As far as celebrity style goes, Kim has some great hits and she also has some major misses. Kanye seems to have taken over the reigns of telling Kim what to wear, cheap louis vuitton shoes and it typically seems uncomfortable. I don’t know, but if you told me to wear a tight leather skirt and cage heeled booties in the rain, I’d say no way, but Kim doesn’t seem to mind. What caught my eye more is her Louis Vuitton wallet, which Kim is spotted with in every photo. What I can tell you is that my Louis Vuitton wallet is probably one of my best purchases ever, it withstands practically anything and is so sturdy yet chic. When it comes to the dots collaboration with Yayoi Kusama, this is one of the only items I could see myself buying. Kim seems to be loving hers. Buy via Louis Vuitton for $965.

If you’re a Damier fangirl, you’re in luck. Prefer Louis Vuitton‘s monogram canvas or regular leather? cheap Louis Vuitton Sunglasses It might be a tough six months for you, if you’re a Louis Vuitton customer. Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 was largely a riff on the company’s classic check print, with the square motif repeated over and over again in sequins, fur, piece leather and suede. There were a few solid-colored bags with contrasting trim, but they weren’t the story of the day. cheap Louis Vuitton Purses The other important element of this Vuitton collection is color, and specifically how few colors were used. The tone of the yellows, creams, browns, greens and greys in the show reminded me of a 1970s middle-American kitchen, all Harvest Gold appliances and off-white vinyl chair cushions. It’s certainly a palette worth exploring (and one that can be used beautifully in skilled hands), cheap Louis Vuitton Wallets but the finish of the bags leaves something to be desired. The solid options look luxurious, as do some of the Damier Speedy-shaped bags, but many simply look a bit too simple and awkwardly shaped for my personal taste. Check out the gallery after the jump and let us know what you think.


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