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Despite having its detractors here and there, Louis Vuitton is a brand that’s overwhelming adored in the fashion industry in general, but by handbag lovers in particular. louis vuitton outlet There is a certain amount of respect given to any brand that has a brand identity as strong as Vuitton’s; that’s not a simple feat to accomplish by any stretch of the imagination. louis vuitton outlet store (Just ask all the people who’ve tried to restart Halston over the years. Sporting the very recognizable LV monogram, along with the monogram flowers, the Louis Vuitton Fleur D’Epi Bag Charm would make a perfect gift for any of Vuitton’s many hardcore devotees. Let me get right to the price, which is a major hindrance for sure; Louis Vuitton is asking $465 for this charm. It is so off-putting when you realize that for that price, cheap louis vuitton handbags you’re halfway to buying an entire bag from the company. However, this charm is timeless if you love monogram LV, and because it is made with an Epi-effect grained resin, these charms will be incredibly sturdy. Mostly, it is a pretty charm in a variety of colors. Will I be running out to by one, no, but you might. Price is $465 via Louis Vuitton.

It’s finally Friday, Louis Vuitton Handbags and we are ending the week with a little Louis Vuitton fun with photos! Photographer Vincent Bousserez had an idea similar to the movie Night at the Museum, but in this case, Louis Vuitton Men Bags the Louis Vuitton Champs-Elysees store comes to life at night, and tiny figures take care and engage with beloved Louis Vuitton items. The photos are whimsical and magical and bring back childhood feelings of tiny little people taking care of our world when we are asleep. Louis Vuitton Luggage While some of the miniatures are hard at work keeping Louis Vuitton items clean, others are playing golf amidst Monogram canvas. I don’t know which is my favorite, because they all give me such a feeling of joy. Peruse the photos by clicking below and visit Louis Vuitton for more info. We took a small peek into the polka-dotted world of Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton two weeks ago, Louis Vuitton Purses but now we have some new details (and photos!) that we think you guys are going to want to see. The bags from the collection, which is officially entitled Infinitely Kusama, aren’t going to hit store shelves until October, but stock images of the line have hit the Internet, Louis Vuitton Wallets and we’ve got photos of all the bags for your viewing pleasure.

As you might have guessed, the collection’s bags are mainly Vuitton classics redone in Monogram Vernis leather with Kusama’s signature spots printed on top in contrasting colors. Louis Vuitton Sunglasses The lack of Speedys or Neverfulls in the collection took me by surprise, but perhaps more bags will be added if the collaboration is a hit. For not, the Lockits are the standout, but if you prefer a Pouchette or Papillon, there are plenty of those as well. Check out all the photos after the jump. It’s that time of year again: time for ad campaigns! Twice a year, brands roll out images meant to sell their ideas of their collections to the public, and because handbags and accessories are so critically important to the financial wellbeing of most designers, they often figure prominently in the ads. Louis Vuitton Shoes That, of course, is relevant to our interests. Perhaps the best illustration of that phenomenon is Louis Vuitton, whose ads are often so chock full of bags, sunglasses, scarves and other accessories that it’s hard to get a solid look at the clothes. That’s not as much the case in this first image from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 ad campaign, but you do get a healthy dose of leopard print front and center.

Like all of Vuitton’s recent seasonal advertising, the ads mirror the mood of the Fall 2012 runway show perfectly. (Also like all of Vuitton’s recent ads: Louis Vuitton Evidence Millionaire this campaign was lensed by Steven Meisel.) We’ve been transported inside of the train that graced the show’s runway, and all of the ladies are decked out in their traveling best, from enormous hats to equally enormous leopard bags. It’s a bit expected, but certainly not ineffective. What do you think?


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