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By now, all of you are probably familiar with Infinitely Kusama, the collection of ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes and accessories that Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has designed for French luxury powerhouse Louis Vuitton. We showed you all of the collection’s full-sized handbags last week, but we know full well that handbag lovers, louis vuitton outlet particularly LV handbag lovers, don’t just get excited about bags; there’s a whole world of accessories to go along with them, from leather wallets and agendas to scarves to sunglasses. It’s clear by the sheer volume of pieces in Infinitely Kusama that Vuitton expects this collection to be a hit in the vein of past collaborations with Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami. louis vuitton outlet store The company allowed her to speckle nearly every type of piece that it makes, including a really fun watch that I’d love to have in my collection. Louis Vuitton Evidence Millionaire If you dig the Kusama look but aren’t sure that a full-on handbag would find a useful spot in your bag collection, a cuff or key pouch might be exactly what you need. Check out all the accessories after the jump, and if you’d like to see the Kusama x Vuitton shoes, head over to our sister site TalkShoes. louis vuitton outlet online Most of the collection is expected to hit stores July 10, with the bags following in October.

Perhaps it’s a result of seeing all my friends’ pictures from the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in New York this weekend, but I’m feeling extra sporty today. And by “extra,” Louis Vuitton Handbags I mean sporty at all, because I am not what one would generally describe as “athletic.” Sweat and my hair just don’t get along. Maybe that means that yachting is the sport for me. And by “yachting,” I mean “sitting on the deck of the boat while someone else decides the direction in which it shall go.” Luckily, Louis Vuitton Men Bags that’s exactly the kind of sporting activity for which the Louis Vuitton Cup Waterproof Keepall 55 Bandouliere was designed.The Louis Vuitton Cup is a yachting competition series that selects the annual challenger for the America’s Cup, and in its honor, Louis Vuitton Luggage Vuitton comes out with a few Cup pieces every year. Since 2007, a waterproof version of the iconic Keepall is generally among the capsule collection’s offerings, and 2012′s edition is in smart, graphic black and blue, one of the most underrated color combinations in the world. The bag is made entirely of Vuitton’s signature coated canvas and dotted with tonal black hardware, which gives the bag a definitively masculine feel in addition to its ultra-functional waterproof construction. Louis Vuitton Purses Some people might scoff at such an expensive bag having such utilitarian attributes, but when summertime rolls around, even the wealthy tend to venture a bit off the beaten path in between their first class seats and tony resorts. If you need a bag that can go to the beach but also look incredibly stylish when used as a travel piece during the rest of the year, there’s hardly a better way to go than this one, no matter if you’re male or female. You’ll have to have a big budget, though; we don’t have an exact price for this piece, a title="Louis Vuitton Wallets" href="http://www.lvbestoksale.com/louis-vuitton-wallets-c-49.html">Louis Vuitton Wallets but it’s estimated to be around $3000. For more information, please contact your local Louis Vuitton boutique.

As you probably already know if you’re here reading this, the only way to buy brand new, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses authentic Louis Vuitton is directly from the company. Even when Vuitton bag are sold inside of department stores, its always in spaces leased by the brand, staffed by its own employees and supplied by its own product channels. When a bag sells out or a line is discontinued, it’s sold out everywhere, never to be seen again. Unless, that is, you’re a RueLaLa member. Our friends at RueLaLa have once again teamed up with Madison Avenue Couture to bring you a great selection of vintage and pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags. From Vuitton’s original Stephen Sprouse collaboration to its famous Murakami cherries to some of the brand’s incredibly elegant all-leather options, you’ll find tons of bags you can’t get anywhere else, plus a great selection of the most covetable bags in the brand’s legendary monogram canvas. Louis Vuitton Shoes Shop quickly, though – the bags are in limited supply and the sale just launched! Check out our picks after the jump or shop the full sale via RueLaLa.


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