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Post  miaomiao1234 on Fri May 31, 2013 7:19 pm

Russian Federation Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the 26th for the first time admitted to the outside world the possibility of this cabinet to step down, Tiffany Outlet saying "appointed resigned when he must do to prepare," Medvedev 2008-2012 served as Russian president, but he said he did not regret not seek re-elected president. Medvedev in Russia нтв television programs broadcast in the day said the above, Tiffany And Co Outlet the program informally angle shot "the Prime Minister on the 1st time." Appointed prime minister a year, for failing to regain Russia's economic decline, Medvedev in April this year the Russian State Duma for 2012 annual work report, Tiffany 2012 has been an unprecedented challenge and pressure, after which there is a substantial public opinion in Russia Medvedev's cabinet may resign in 2013.

"I'm afraid that sooner or later will start a new journey of life do? My answer is - no," Tiffany Necklaces sale Medvedev said, "was appointed prime minister, it must do resigned to prepare." He said, Shimono does not mean the end of his political career, in the modern political system, a politician can go back and forth in the political arena up, this is normal. tiffany necklaces outlet Should resigned, whether they will return to politics? Medvedev said that he might engage in some other social activities or writing a book, if in the future there is a new impetus may have returned to the government, on the contrary, they may also be health and strength of reason, no longer hold government posts. September 2011, Medvedev meeting at the United Russia party Vladimir Putin as Russian party system recommend a candidate for the 2012 presidential election in the Russian Federation the sixth, Tiffany Bracelets meaning he automatically give the president the opportunity for re-election.

In the 26th TV show, Medvedev asked whether they regretted the opportunity to give up re-election, he said, "I remember when the situation, because it is for any one person are definitely related to the fate of the strategic decisions, tiffany silver bracelet to a certain extent also about the fate of the country, "he said of this decision" will not regret it. " Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin speculation estrangement, relationships Qudan. Tiffany Earrings Medvedev responded by saying, "We have always maintained friendly relations with comrades like, otherwise today will be another government", "the government step down is an inevitable thing, the only question is when to step down." Medvedev said he was accustomed morning wash "cold water" bath, and regardless of winter and summer, he likes to ride a bike, after exercise will be 13-40 degrees alternating hot and cold water bath, which help refreshing. He said it was imparted to him the secret of Putin.

Russian Emergency Situations Ministry announced on the 26th, said a small plane on the 26th night in Krasnodar in southern Russia crashed three people aboard. Emergency Situations Ministry said the plane was a small seaplane accident, tiffany heart earrings incident spraying pesticides tasks being performed, aircraft two pilots and one passenger were killed. According to Interfax reported that the plane crash site from Krasnodar city 12 km, the accident caused no casualties ground. Witnesses said the crash rescue workers rushed to the scene after 15 minutes, but did not find survivors.


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