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Post  miaomiao1234 on Fri May 31, 2013 8:05 pm

U.S. President Barack Obama on the 26th to suffer strong tornadoes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma near the disaster area to inspect the disaster and rescue work, hoping to bring the spirit of the town devastated and financial support. Tiffany Outlet Local time on May 20, a wind speed of up to 200 miles per hour, the highest level of the giant destructive tornado struck at Oklahoma City 10 miles south of Moore Town, killing at least 10, including 24 children, including people were killed and hundreds were injured, a large area of ??houses severely damaged trees. On the 26th afternoon, the president flew from Tinker Air Force Base in Washington, Tiffany And Co Outlet Mr Obama has sent the plane lost their homes in the tornado destroyed the base personnel or their homes shook hands. Then with the federal government and state government officials to appear in the disaster site, cheer for the restoration and reconstruction work.

Obama's first stop on this trip is the worst affected of the square tower elementary school, he was walking among the ruins and rubble to school officials to understand the situation, Tiffany 2012 the strong storm a whole layer of school buildings razed to the ground, claiming the lives of seven children. . Obama's motorcade passed littered with debris and various green building wreckage, he described the scene devastation like garbage heaven. Obama cited "a picture is worth a thousand words" as the site's opening speech. "Here, Tiffany Necklaces sale I'm just a messenger, standing behind you is the entire United States." Obama stressed, "This is a strong community, there is no doubt that they will recover, but need help." He urged lawmakers to continue to maintain emergency Rescue personnel to deal with the aftermath of training and equipment depends on funding, "only to ensure that funds are in place and continuously into the rescue system before a disaster occurs save more lives."

Obama also visited condolences to the affected families, tiffany necklaces outlet and with the storm before being rescued by his father from the school 3rd grade students Zach Lewis (Zach Lewis) conversation, and subsequently to the Moore Fire Department and the relatives of the victims and the incident the first time into the rescue personnel working meeting. He appealed to the American public work together to help the affected communities, the people of Oklahoma want to know, "We will always be with you at." Tiffany Bracelets Obama met at the airport and accompanied the President visited the disaster area along the Ohio governor film (Mary Fallin) said that she welcomed the visit of President Obama, thanks to the rapid response and federal support, but more worried about the subsequent fiscal relief, "In the future we will processing ruins, rebuilding homes and businesses businesses, which require funds fast turnaround. "

After the incident the next day, Obama has announced that Ohio was the hardest hit, and signed the file to start the federal rescue procedures. Ernest White House spokesman, tiffany silver bracelet said Obama's visit to the disaster area in addition to express condolences, but also reiterated his support for the reconstruction and the country's commitment. Ernest pointed out that there are currently 450 Federal Emergency Management Agency personnel in the Russian city of field work, has sent 43,000 copies of disaster meals, 150,000 liters of water, and thousands simple bed, blankets and tarps. There are 4200 people applied for disaster assistance, Tiffany Earrings $ 3.4 million payments were approved. In addition, the Federation also provided $ 57 million worth of rebates and incentives to help build 12,000 in Ohio storm shelters. The Oklahoma City storm in U.S. history one of the most devastating tornado, meteorologists measure its power over Hiroshima bomb 8-600 times. Ohio insurance company estimated that economic losses caused by hurricane 20-5000000000 U.S. dollars.


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