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Post  miaomiao1234 on Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:10 pm

This week, Xi Jinping will go to California to meet with Obama. British Daily Telegraph article published on the 3rd, said the potential importance of this meeting no less than 1985 Reagan and Gorbachev met. That year, Nike Air Max BWH Reagan and Gorbachev met for the end of the Cold War paved the way. And if through this learning Olympics, they can increase the mutual understanding between China and the U.S. to eliminate existing differences will likely for the next few decades to lay the basis for common prosperity for the "great change history," this view again Li evidence. The following is the text of the article: Great man can really change the world do? Nike Air Max BW Scholars have debated this issue, but this week's ranch in California, U.S. President Barack Obama's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, will once again test this proposition. If you accept this view people to change history, then in any case emphasizes the importance of this meeting can not be overstated.

Bayswater Lord Powell is a British old China. He will meet with Obama and Xi Jinping, the potential importance, and in 1985 Reagan - Gorbachev summit par, Nike Air Max 95 360 while Reagan - Gorbachev summit eventually paved the way for the end of the Cold War. Lord Powell said: "The next few years for them to seek their own goals, and if the two leaders can achieve better personal understanding, then its value would be incalculable," "It might really be among the Sino-US relations is an important tipping point, but only in six months or a year later, we may know what is the tipping point. " In 1985, Soviet leaders accusing each other, leading to public distrust between the two countries. Today, the American public will distrust. Americans suspect that China's military technology and network attacks, Nike Air Max 90 while the United States to return to Asia by the Chinese people considered containment of China. Thursday and Friday, Obama will meet with Xi Jinping. The meeting there is a tantalizing prospect, namely: two leaders can turn Nixon's visit to China since 1972, Sino-US relations the most effective new stage.

According to Powell met Xi Jinping said Lord, Xi is a true leader, "very confident", like Deng Xiaoping, the leaders seem to have a natural style. About this meeting, Nike Air Max 87 the two leaders are facing pressure to appease their public. Xi Jinping, he must demonstrate not sit by the United States to contain China's attitude. As for Obama, he must show that the problem of cybercrime and trade protectionism, he is trying to put pressure on China. However, whenever possible, we should try to avoid unpleasant quarrel. Two adult leaders must come up with determination, recognition of each other's legitimate concerns for one's own. Of course, this will be in front, the two sides are in the issues related to the handling, intentionally or unintentionally, to the other showed a friendly gesture. In the U.S., Nike Air Max 24-7 the problem with Hillary frequently to stimulate China in the Asia Pacific compared to the new U.S. Secretary of State Warren more concerned about Middle Eastern affairs, and Ambassador to China Gary Locke replaces Jon Huntsman, is also believed to help improve US-China relations. China, Xi Jinping, publicly criticized the attitude of the Korean provocation also encouraged by the West.

Looking back 10 years ago, Nike Air Max 2011 outside of China to establish a new relationship with the West is optimistic. Today, 10 years in the past, then some of the desire is still not achieved. In view of this, the two leaders should seize this rare opportunity to enhance understanding of uncertainty for the future prosperity for decades to lay the foundation of great change in the history of ideas prove to be correct. Concerned about the Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan with President Xi Jinping's visit in the Caribbean when the show's style, Nike Air Max 2012 saying the singer in Latin America to win a lot of new fans. The following is a summary of the article: Chinese Peng Liyuan First Lady during his state visit in Trinidad and Tobago attracted a lot of attention, won many Latin American fans. Singer Peng Liyuan has a unique temperament, her appearance will help enhance China's national image.


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