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Post  miaomiao1234 on Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:20 pm

"Obama and their representatives to do the first step is not to hope that China is the way they want to see, but to accept a real China, which is the only acceptable way to China, Kobe 7 the United States has no ability to force China to accept another . "June 3, former U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman with renowned Chilean Kuou Ya Group President Paul Bremer in the" New York Times "joint author, reminding Obama. The article suggests that Sino-US should begin to develop a declaration of principles, because such a document can enhance bilateral cooperation and clear. 1972 end Nixon's historic visit to China when the United States issued a joint communique remarkable, Nike Lebron 9 "this bulletin and thus opening a dialogue of the 20th century one of the greatest diplomatic achievement." The article suggests, the United States should set up a direct report to the two top leaders of the working group, a clear delineation of the two sides underlined that will minimize the risk of conflict. In addition, the two countries should also begin to design a "Trade and Investment Framework Agreement" Nike Lebron 10 for the next few years to reach agreement more significant basis.

"Sino-US should eliminate the 'trust deficit'." British "Financial Times" published an editorial on the 3rd United States and China have differences on a range of issues, from Iran, North Korea and the United States into the war in the Pacific network presence. Nike Free Run 3 Pessimists believe that the risk of war between the two countries, because they violated each other's interests. At the Center for American Progress scholar Hatch Ghosn opinion, this meeting represents the manor "Sino-US bilateral relations and the health of a significant investment."

AP on the 2nd entitled "US summit leaders seek to build relationships," the report said, President Obama and President Xi Jinping met at a private estate when facing heavy problems, but their most important task, perhaps just establish strong personal relationships. Air Jordan Shoes They will seek to establish in the past few decades their predecessors lack the kind of personal relationship. Bilateral relations are now becoming increasingly important and complex, the two leaders talk about how to become more important. Brookings Institution scholar Cheng Li said China is not yet clear. Both delegations how or whether to meet one on one learning Olympics. But there are indications that they going to get. Nike Dunk High Reuters quoted the 3rd sources as saying the United States, according to schedule, with Obama intends to let Xi Jinping have time to know each other. In the collective talks between the two is expected also in the manor gardens and walking one way communication. A senior U.S. official said, "we have done, Chinese people do, is to try a greater integration, but also trying to avoid some of the more problematic relationships, more confrontational stuff." welcome to our store .

According to Itar-Tass quoted the British "Daily Telegraph" message, because the British Prime Minister David Cameron in Downing Street residence will be forgotten passport, almost missed out with his wife and three children in the Spanish holiday island of Ibiza. It is reported that Cameron Gatwick airport, Nike Air Max 2012 we found no bodyguards for their own passport. Cameron's assistant then phoned Downing Street (the British Prime Minister's official residence), so that their staff come from the safe passport to the police, who had galloped nearly 50 km from the airport. Media reports, the incident really made the work schedule is too full and are usually late check-Cameron tension while. According to reports, last year, Cameron After lunch with friends and relatives who brought their 8-year-old daughter Nancy forgotten in the bar. When Nancy go to the bathroom when we drove their home. Cameron subsequently discovered her daughter was gone, Nike Air Max Shoes back to the bar had to pick her up.


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