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Post  miaomiao1234 on Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:24 pm

South Africa, "Sunday Times" reported that the 2nd South Africa found that Gaddafi over one billion U.S. dollars of the property. Moreover, the Libyan investigators have proposed senior officials of the South African government to return the property. http://www.thefirstlvoutletstore.com "Although this is only $ 80 billion overseas wealth Gaddafi a small part, but this may be by far the largest sum of Libya found wealth."

It is reported that the Libyan investigators have provided evidence to the South African Ministry of Finance, shows Gaddafi's presence in South Africa four of these assets banks and two local security companies. "Sunday Times," Louis Vuitton Handbags the article said that the Libyan ambassador to South Africa Magee Hani confirmed that investigators have successively Libya last week the matter with President Zuma and Finance Minister Pravin Gode Han met to ensure that all property belongs to the Libyan people. Zuma spokesman Mike Maharaj said that Zuma had with the Libyan government delegation made contact, "according to these claims it is state property." South African Finance Minister Pravin Gode Han's spokesman said: Louis Vuitton Luggage "Assessment of the Libyan request process is still in progress." South African national prosecutors then had no comment.

Reported that investigators from Gaddafi former Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah Sainu Xi Department learned that Gaddafi had hidden in the state capital of South Africa. Louis Vuitton Men Bags Se Nuxi Prior to crimes against humanity, was arrested and extradited from Mauritania, Libya is currently being held in prison. Libyan Minister of Justice and Minister of Finance of South Africa, wrote in the letter relevant departments for help, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses said Gaddafi wanted South Africa to help their children recover "illegal possession, get, grab, save, or hidden in South Africa" ??assets. The letter said that the Libyan investigators have found in South Africa and neighboring countries a lot of money and assets. Earlier, Libya and the South African government, banks and ANC officials have held several talks with a lawyer letter reveals Libya Gaddafi investigators traced property in South Africa began in November 2012. According to a bank documents show that Libya investigators claimed to be discovered by a Libyan Gaddafi uncle, "Achmed - el - Qaddafi" check stubs registered in the name began to trace this property, Louis Vuitton Belts he was Libya a general.

Investigators believe Libya, Gaddafi property in South Africa and part of the missing funds were Gaddafi former chief of staff Bashir Saleh control. Saleh has played in Gaddafi's regime Explorer government role as Libya after the "Investment Fund for Africa" ??competent, Louis Vuitton Shoes the actual charge of the Gaddafi regime around 400 billion dollars. Saleh has been in Interpol's wanted list, however, he also attended this year in March, held in Durban, South Africa BRICS summit. Although he current whereabouts are unknown, but Libyan sources said three weeks ago, Saleh appeared in downtown Johannesburg Michelangelo Hotel, allegedly, he traveled frequently between South Africa, Swaziland and Niger between. South Africa's major opposition Democratic Alliance party said they have asked Congress to convene an emergency meeting of the Committee, requested the police to explain why frequent Saleh was arrested in South Africa without. Democratic Alliance said it is possible that he has been protecting the African National Congress, Louis Vuitton Evidence Millionaire Jacob Zuma could get instructions, or else how the Interpol list of people to be protected too? In this regard, the ANC did not give response.

British "Guardian" on the 2nd of the article revealed that Gaddafi is very complicated relationship with South Africa. Gaddafi said Mandela often thank the support during the apartheid era. But in 2011, former South African President Thabo Mbeki said, Gaddafi supported the African National Congress is rumors. "In the apartheid era, Libya did not give the ANC a penny." Zuma period, http://www.thefirstlvoutletstore.com 2011 South Africa supported the UN authorized air strikes in Libya Benghazi, while criticizing the West to implement regime change.


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