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Post  miaomiao1234 on Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:30 pm

Chinese President Xi Jinping visit to Trinidad and Tobago before other Chinese leaders in an official capacity has never visited Trinidad and Tobago, which makes the visit becomes significant. Visit the reason behind China needs to strengthen bilateral cooperation with Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago has a lot of oil and other natural resources, cheap nike dunk high which are necessary for sustainable development of China.Xi Jinping and his party will go to Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States. This will also allow Peng Liyuan win more new fans. Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister said after meeting with Peng Liyuan: "She is very beautiful, very warm, very good English and chat with her." nike sb dunk Although the visit to Peng Liyuan win wider international audiences, but she was already accustomed to the cheering crowd. As early as 1987, with Xi Jinping before marriage, she was already very famous folk artist. Her voice is very popular in China, she is Spring Festival regulars. Paiva veteran Brazilian diplomat said Peng Liyuan debut can help "soften" the image of China. Paiva said: "The key is easy to sense if China capable of projecting a sense of ease, which will form the eyes of the world a better image of China."

U.S. manufacturing lobbying organization "Alliance of American Manufacturing" on the Olympic learning to Obama pressure on Obama in the so-called China hacking, Air Jordan 2012 sale economic policy and currency manipulation, abuse of trade measures, intellectual property theft and other issues remain tough. The two sides will exchange Xi Olympic called geo-strategic vision, two of the most important leaders of the countries an important opportunity to establish personal contacts. But the United States on Chinese hackers hype, Sino-US trade friction to Sino-US relations and other issues put to the test. The following are the main contents of the article: U.S. air jordan 13 retro manufacturing lobby groups on the 3rd that U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President shall Xi Jinping's summit on the Chinese hacking rumors and identified China predatory economic policies remain tough. American Manufacturing Union also asked Obama on Friday met with Xi Jinping mentioned about Chinese currency manipulation, abuse of trade measures, intellectual property theft and other issues.

Obama and Xi will be a private resort in California "sunshine village" held a two-day informal summit. air jordan 11 retro This will be elected President Xi Jinping, Obama began a second presidential term after the first Sino-US summit. The two sides will exchange the summit called geo-strategic vision, two of the most important leaders of the countries an important opportunity to establish personal contacts. However, large-scale hacking about China, China stole U.S. military involved in weapons design drawings and trade secrets in the country Obama rumors are subjected to very great pressure. American Manufacturing Alliance executive director Paul Scott in a letter of Obama's letter said: "We hope that this high degree of focus on two-day visit to reach a new and meaningful results. air jordan 9 retro Americans are against China refuses to comply Rules losing patience. "

Paul also on the U.S. defense industry is over-reliance on Chinese suppliers to provide key components expressed concern. The equipment includes night vision goggles from rocket fuel to a variety of equipment. He called on the White House in the fight against the abuse of trade when China adopted a broader coping strategies. However, air jordan 6 retro he was the government in tires, solar panels and other enforcement actions taken in the field of special tribute. Paul also told reporters that unless you take specific punitive measures, tougher stance, or China for the United States in a number of very important issues are unlikely to have changed. He spoke in particular intellectual property rights, told reporters: "Unless you hit China's pocketbook, otherwise it has no incentive to improve the environment."

The White House has said, network security is an important issue Olympic practice. Officials said the two sides have agreed to hold regular high-level meetings aimed at identifying network security, espionage standards. Talks focus not only on network attacks, but also include the development of operations in cyberspace, air jordan 5 for sale the basic rules. Olympic learning other topics including climate change, North Korea's nuclear threat, the United States' return to Asia. " U.S. "return to Asia" Let China unhappy, China's regional influence is expanding. Obama hopes to work with the United States looks to establish a more favorable Xi Jinping personal contact.


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