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Post  miaomiao1234 on Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:29 pm

Tongues plan aimed at foreign intelligence - The information provided Snowdon also exposed another secret NSA "Tongues (Blarney)" program. According to "Washington Post" reported, in this program, NSA collected through the backbone network for e-mail or browse the Internet, computers and devices metadata. cheap louis vuitton handbags The metadata contains a large number of computer operating systems worldwide, browsers and Java versions. U.S. intelligence agencies can use the data to attack computers and mobile phones, spying on the user information. One of Australia's major telecom operators Telstra's former chief information officer Glenn Kyrgyz Holm said: "This is a highly offensive information." This information is not intended to protect your computer from attack defense purposes. "Washington Post" quoted Snowden as saying, "phone calls" program aimed at "obtaining and use of foreign intelligence." Louis Vuitton Handbags It is not clear whether the U.S. Internet service providers participated in the "tongues" program, providing information to the NSA. If this is true, then it is unclear whether the transfer of the data obtained court approval.

Information Monitoring lack of legal oversight - Tolstoy former NSA General Counsel Walter Baker said that if the metadata contains two computers outside the United States in the United States through the optical network communication, Louis Vuitton Men Bags then when intelligence extracted communication data, it will probably not require much legal supervision . U.S. Senator John Rockefeller's former information security assistant Jacob Alcott said that U.S. intelligence agencies responsible lawmakers may not understand the metadata collected intelligence how much. Louis Vuitton Luggage He said: "This led to supervise challenging present situation is that the development of technology and technology policy much faster than most members of Congress and their aides in the background and expertise." Alcott is currently in Washington a message security risk management company in charge. The sources said that despite the intelligence services to a number of partners to provide an attractive return, but most company executives are still out of patriotism, Louis Vuitton Purses or a sense of responsibility and the protection of national security and intelligence sector.

Leung Chun-ying event declaration issued a statement on Snowdon - Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying Snowdon event on the evening of 15 issued a statement saying the Snowdon is concerned, when the relevant mechanism starts, Louis Vuitton Wallets will be the Hong Kong SAR Government's laws and established procedures. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong SAR Government will follow up any agency or Hong Kong people's privacy or other rights have been violated events. Concerned about the British issued a warning to prevent entry Snowdon aviation enterprises in Mainland China and Hong Kong temporarily unaware According to British media reported on the 14th, the British government issued a warning to the world's major airlines, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses require these airlines refuse to Secret U.S. intelligence agencies were monitoring events Snowdon by plane to England. Beijing Times reporter on the 15th call routes with direct flights to the UK mainland China and Hong Kong Airlines relevant departments have been "temporarily knowledge" answer.

According to British media reports, the United Kingdom Border Agency under the Ministry of the Interior Department on the 10th on the airline sent to the relevant letters, Louis Vuitton Shoes above a photograph Snowdon, his date of birth and his passport number. This travel warning that if they let Snowdon plane ride to the United Kingdom, not only will not be allowed entry Snowdon, airlines will be fined £ 2,000 and must also bear the costs associated with detention repatriation Snowdon. In the United Kingdom's "wiki" site founder Assange on the 14th that the British government tried to prevent Snowdon entry, because they do not want to appear a "second Assange." Malaysia Airlines spokeswoman said the 14th form of SMS to AFP confirmed that the company received notification UK Border Agency and has been communicated through the internal system. Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines also confirmed to the media, said the British Home Office has received this warning. Aged 29, appeared in Hong Kong Snowdon. Louis Vuitton Evidence Millionaire Hong Kong International Airport Authority said that has not yet received the prohibition Snowdon boarding instructions. Yesterday, the Beijing Times reporter called China routes with direct flights to the UK airline Propaganda Department, both get "temporarily knowledge" answer. A large state-owned aviation enterprises that see the relevant information from the news, but the British warning notice involves inter-country diplomacy, "the Foreign Ministry should look at the caliber."


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