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Post  miaomiao1234 on Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:51 am

USA 15, 2011 Bloomberg News quoted sources as saying the thousands of science and technology, finance and manufacturing companies working with the U.S. national security departments work closely together to provide sensitive information, and access to confidential information. The participants in these projects is called "trusted partner" far ahead "Prism" program. Louis Vuitton Outlet Store Bloomberg pointed out that in some cases, government departments collect information not only for national security, but also for computer intrusion hostile countries. Social networking site "Facebook" (Facebook) On the same day, said late last year received from the U.S. government from 9000 to 10,000 times the user's data requests, locking account of 18000-19000.

Far beyond the scope of "Prism" program - The participants in these projects is called "trusted partner", is far beyond the scope of the exposed Edward Snowden "prism" program. Snowdon is just one of the U.S. National Louis Vuitton Outlet Online Security Agency (NSA) of the technical staff. According to the exposure of confidential information Snowdon month, NSA through Google and other Internet companies continue to collect tens of millions of phone records of U.S. residents, as well as those outside the U.S. computer communication data. Private-sector companies in this incident triggered a role close attention. Sources said many similar Internet and telecommunications companies also voluntarily to the U.S. intelligence agencies to provide additional data, such as device parameters, but these data do not contain the user's private communications records. Hardware and software companies, banks, Internet security service provider, Louis Vuitton Outlet satellite communications companies, and other companies in some industries are involved in government projects. In some cases, government departments collect information not only for national security, but also for computer intrusion hostile countries. Similar to the NSA, the CIA (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the military in some departments and private companies have also such cooperation agreements. Sources said that these data may seem harmless, but the intelligence agencies and the information is very useful in warfare units.

Microsoft vulnerabilities reported in advance - According to two sources said, as the world's largest software company, Microsoft released patches fix vulnerabilities in public before, it will provide these vulnerabilities to intelligence information. Louis Vuitton Handbags This information can be used to protect government computer and terrorists or enemy invading each other's computers. Two anonymous U.S. officials said that Microsoft and other software companies, and Internet security companies know that such early warning can help the relevant U.S. authorities exploit software vulnerabilities, an attacker use the software to foreign government computer. Louis Vuitton Luggage Microsoft does not ask the government departments on how to exploit these vulnerabilities, even if there is such a question would not have been told. Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw said Microsoft collaboration with various government departments to provide early warning to help government departments to start early risk assessment and risk mitigation. He said in an e-mail bulletin, Microsoft through the "multiple projects" to government departments to provide such information. He mentioned the names of the two projects, both public projects by Microsoft is responsible for national defense purposes.

"Facebook", said only a few customers were affected - By the United States "Monitoring gate" controversy wound social networking site "Facebook" on the 15th, said the second half of 2012, Louis Vuitton Shoes "Facebook" received from the U.S. government from 9000 to 10,000 times the user data requests, involving 18,000 to 1.9 ten thousand user accounts. But the "Facebook" did not disclose how many requests they replied. The Associated Press reported, "Facebook" legal adviser Ted You Yuete network said in a statement, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses "Facebook" will be released only to the total number will not disclose details. He said the U.S. government departments concerned in the second half of 2012 the number of user data requirements 9000-10000 times between. Requirements cover topics from the missing child, a misdemeanor to a terrorist threat have, locked accounts of 18000-19000. "Facebook" did not indicate how much they respond to requirements. You Yuete also said, "Facebook" net positive protection of user data. He said: "Facebook has repeatedly rejected such claims on the spot, Louis Vuitton Belts or ask the Government to significantly reduce their demands. Sometimes mask altogether produce less than the government requires a lot of information, we only provide evidence of the amount of law."


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