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Voluntary cooperation is not illegal - A source said, some U.S. carriers voluntarily to open outside the United States intelligence services facilities and data. Louis Vuitton Handbags In the United States, doing so usually requires the court's permission. However, in these cases, according to the "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act," related to the supervision is not required, but companies can voluntarily provide information. Commercial companies and intelligence agencies broad cooperation is legal, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses and deep into every aspect of people's daily life, but only a small number of lawyers, business leaders and spies know their status. Sources said that corporate executives for the purpose of assisting the participation and cooperation of national defense, this would also be able to help their own companies. The source said, because many cooperation is very sensitive, so a company only a few people know that such cooperation exists. These people usually corporate CEO and head of U.S. intelligence agencies directly matchmaking.

Former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden said: "If I were in charge, and a company has cooperative relations, Louis Vuitton Luggage the firm's approach is not only subject to legal supervision, but also of great value to national defense, then I will not hesitate to thank They let them know that this approach is necessary and useful. " According to Snowdon exposure information, the United States nine Internet companies and the NSA's "special sources of Action Group" cooperative engaged in secret "Prism" project. Louis Vuitton Men Bags Snowden said that, NSA foreign surveillance collected through this project targets the privacy data, and each company has a different arrangement, the overall project by a secret panel of judges supervision. However, with the rapid development of the global information flow, which uses many of the switches, cables and network equipment maintenance by the American company, so the U.S. intelligence agencies to collect data means much more than that. Louis Vuitton Purses Information about device parameters and to maintain the operation of the Internet data intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies and the military is also useful.

Free bear civil liability cooperation - Sources said, under normal circumstances, a company a few key executives and technical staff will work with different government departments, or a different cooperation projects within the department. If necessary, this is called "responsible person" of the company executives will receive a file, which can be exempted from the data transfer behavior may bring a civil action. Louis Vuitton Shoes Sources said Intel's information security company McAfee often with NSA, FBI and CIA cooperation. McAfee is considered a valuable partner because the company could Throughout malicious Internet traffic, including foreign forces espionage. Sources said that such cooperation is usually from contacting with McAfee's CEO, he will then be responsible for the appointment of specialized personnel and intelligence sector, to provide the required data. For government departments to seek the help of the public will be very surprised at its rear. Louis Vuitton Belts Some hackers use legitimate server engage in hacking activities, and McAfee Firewall able to collect information about these hackers. In addition, McAfee's data also show that some of the cyber attacks from where. McAfee also understand the global information network architecture, which makes sense for the intelligence agencies.

Be involved in intelligence support - McAfee Global CTO Michael Fay said the company provides data and analysis do not contain any personal information. He said: "We do not partner with government intelligence sharing any personal information. Louis Vuitton Evidence Millionaire McAfee's role is to advise government departments safety technology, training and threat intelligence. Such threat intelligence including emerging threats trend data, information security attack mode and activities, as well as the integrity of the software, system vulnerabilities and hackers analysis of activities of the Organization. " The source said that in return, the company leaders will be able to get the information from the intelligence agencies, intelligence agencies understand the current focus. Louis Vuitton Wallet In other cases, the results may not be conducive for the information security threats, the company will receive rapid alert to its early grave Internet attacks, and who is behind the scenes. 2010, Google said the company was hacked. The source said Google co-founder Sergey Brin from U.S. intelligence agencies had obtained highly confidential information, so know the source of the attack. Brin received temporary authorization confidential information, to understand the relevant circumstances. According to Snowdon exposure information, Google participation "Prism" project has been more than a year. Google CEO Larry Page on June 7 in a blog post that he has not heard of "Prism" the existence of the project, http://www.lvokbuy2013.com Google does not allow the U.S. government access to their server directly, or use the back door to enter its data centers. The Google user data according to the Government. Google spokesman Leslie Miller has yet to respond to news.


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