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Post  miaomiao1234 on Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:12 pm

The U.S. government announced its intention to provide weapons to the Syrian opposition, the action continued, the Russian Foreign Ministry held in the United States that undermine the conduct of the International Conference on Syria severely criticized. cheap nike shoes online CNN on the 16th, said U.S. President Barack Obama recently passed a video conference held talks with European leaders. The White House said Obama with Britain, France, Italy and German leaders discussed in Syria "to support the political transition, the way to end the conflict." British Prime Minister David Cameron said, Obama said further interference in Syria "should be our timetable to do." 17, the Group of Eight summit will be held in Northern Ireland, cheap nike air max the United States and several European powers will continue to coordinate action against Syria.

Russia's "view report" on the 16th, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the 15th with the Italian Foreign Minister Bonino at the press conference after the talks, cheap nike dunks said Western countries are discussing the establishment of no-fly zone over Syria, in Jordan deployment of the "Patriot" air defense missile systems and F-16 fighter, and these constitute a violation of international law, "Moscow urged not to publish and make prompted the Syrian opposition to continue the armed struggle rhetoric and actions." He also used chemical weapons against the Syrian government's assertion that wonder: "The United States has submitted the Syrian government used chemical weapons intelligence does not comply with the identification of the OPCW standard sampling site to the laboratory from the entire trip without supervision." cheap air jordan shoes the Russian Foreign Ministry said on the 15th, the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted The resolution is biased.

In the United States and Western countries continue to put pressure on Syria occasion of the 15th Egyptian President Mursi announced diplomatic relations with the Syrian government and urged Lebanese "Hezbollah" Do not interfere in the situation in Syria. cheap nike free run He also urged the international community to establish no-fly zone in Syria on the issue do not hesitate. Syrian official said in a statement on the 16th, Egypt severed diplomatic relations with the Syrian government was "irresponsible" Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of World Economy and International Relations experts Sauter Kafelnikov said: "The United States is now no direct military intervention Syria, Russia and China in the United Nations the opposition, they do not have a United Nations mandate. Nike Air Max Shoes U.S. did not withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan before, and not in Syria in confrontation with Russia on the issue. Moreover, Syria would be a military intervention can not predict the outcome of adventure, which is likely to arise out of control in the Middle East unrest. Meanwhile, in the United States does not exclude the occurrence of bombings might. " According to RIA Novosti reported on the 16th, Nike Air Max 2012 the Kremlin press service announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 15th on the phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed bilateral relations. Speculation that the two heads of state of Russia does not rule on the present tense exchange of views on the situation in Syria.

According to the "Times of India" on June 13 reported that the Indian Army "finally" to accelerate its pace of modernization, in the "12th Five Year Plan" (2012-2017) was launched during a total value of more than 2 trillion rupees (U.S. $ 34.7 billion dollars) for about 680 procurement projects to compensate with the Indian Navy, Nike Dunk High the Air Force combat capability gaps, and to ensure the Indian Army in the eastern and western regions of the frontline military development. In the Indian army's modernization process, has 1.13 million troops of the Indian Army is far behind the relatively small size of the Air Force and Navy. Air Jordan Shoes Indian Army Chief Bigelamu - Singh has decided to make a change in the procurement mechanism to ensure the strict rules under the constraints of the Army successfully overcome the "operational vulnerabilities." In the meantime, steps taken, including the "internal refinement", "streamline the procurement process," and a detailed implementation plan for the high-intensity supervision and so on. "Times of India" reported that the Indian Army needs to make efforts to catch up with the sea and air military gap. Nike Free Run 3 Ill-equipped infantry, tanks lack of ammunition, a modern 155 mm howitzer insufficient number of night blindness, air defense weapons obsolete and aging equipment, helicopters and similar problems have always plagued the Indian Army.


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