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Post  miaomiao1234 on Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:16 pm

According to Japan's Kyodo News, Japan's Self-Defense Force 10 began in San Diego, California, won the island with the U.S. hold joint exercises. Sea and air together with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to participate in the United States won the island exercises the first time. Japan Maritime Self Defense Force sent a helicopter can carry "day to" aircraft, frigates and Aegis destroyers "Atago" number and other exercises. Island wins exercises will last until the 26th. Mens Nike Air Max 89 It is reported that the exercise code-named "Dawn Blitz", 11 to 28, 2011 by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps with Canada, New Zealand, held jointly. Guard sent about 1,000 people participated in the exercise. Japanese and U.S. governments have officially expressed "exercise is not country-specific." "Osprey" is scheduled on the 14th landed in the "day to" deck, drill through the elevator into the ship's hangar. Mens Nike Air Max 91 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade to accept an interview with Kyodo News, stressed: "Osprey landing on historic ships in the SDF, which is further enhanced for many years to establish a good relationship with a good opportunity for self-defense."

Landing exercises just a saying - Chen Hu teacher said, from the Japanese side current release information, it seems that the core objective of the exercise in the "landing" word. While Japan sent the major participating troops, including their "day to" ship, Nike Air Max 2011 Aegis, as well as with the nature of the GSDF troops marines have responded amphibious possible. The strength of such a large scale is imperative if marked Japan's determination. But this fact is precisely the purpose of the exercise revealed the Japanese are not "landing" that simple. Slaughter chickens Yanyong chopper, Nike Air Max 2012 Hyuga destroyer, Aegis warships, as well as thousands of troops into the Diaoyu Islands in the background, the why interest in the counsel Horites? For some foreign media repeatedly exaggerated, the Japanese tried to take this opportunity to learn from the U.S. Nike Air Max 24-7 landing tactical this argument is equally untenable. Japan, for its battle for the island's experience can be described as quite rich. Back in World War II, the Pacific war Japan has been through a lot like war. And real combat, tactical details related parts only through joint exercises between the two countries, would be difficult to get to the Scriptures. Therefore, from a greater range of speaking, Nike Air Max 87 Japanese purpose of this trip is definitely not a landing exercises so simple, it can be said that they currently only take "landing" as an argument only.

The purpose of the Japanese landing drills - From the Japanese point of view, its potential ideas may be very much. Nike Air Max 90 To know the Marines landed on the island during the battle for the entire island is the smallest part. The battle for air supremacy is the core, Nike Air Max 95 360 and the sea's wide range of control. As well as remote support base for hostile targets or local support base substantive blow. Seen in this light, landing battle it relates to the scope and scale are quite large. I am afraid that this part of the military goes to the bottom line Japan's current constitution. Japan and the United States are now conducting joint exercises, is very likely that this action from the landing made a breakthrough. Since landing engage in combat, it is not confined to a landing forces on the island, but rather to an island landing operations perspective. Japan may be in the future as an opportunity to support the development of a greater range of air superiority, and the sea, even remotely offensive military combat. And from a diplomatic point of view, Nike Air Max BW Japan and the United States in landing exercises, no doubt to be communicated to all walks of life, "the United States supports Japan's current dispute over sovereignty of the islands" Such an attitude. And from a legal perspective, the Japanese such action, the future may involve the exercise of collective self-defense, and in the future will not break the peace constitution, constitutional, Nike Air Max BWH and so will not be a series of questions. Therefore, Japan hoped that through this exercise to achieve many purposes: First, the outward show how Japan-US alliance, stressing that Japan can get external support; another is then possible to develop their offensive strategy to make a foreshadowing; Finally, perhaps even its future constitutional changes, exercise called collective self-defense, and so a series of actions foreshadowed.

The situation of the U.S. landing drills - In Japan there are so many possible purposes, the U.S. side do? We are able to read out, the U.S. is also going through this action to strengthen the Japan-US military alliance, Nike Air Max Excellerate and pass some information to the outside world, in other words, it is to the outside pressure. Landing combat exercise as a starting point to inform neighboring countries, the United States at some point there may be no military intervention in Northeast Asia sovereignty dispute. Teacher Chen Hu stressed that the U.S. is in fact this idea tightrope. Because he was going to implement this step is equivalent to gradually relax the constraints on Japan's military development. Nike Air Max LTD From a historical point of view, the Japanese suddenly prodding from the world powers, and in the Second World War has been long-term restrictions limit the development of Japan's military strength is the United States. Japan therefore have the opportunity to break free once restored military, is likely to launch an attack on the U.S. first. And this situation with the joint exercise gado gado deep, once it reaches a certain extent, it is not anybody can control and predict it. If the future really is there such an extreme case, the United States can be described as disastrous. Nike Air Max TN Of course, from Japan, if they can really take this as a breakthrough, and gradually step by step to achieve this long-term strategic goal, the neighboring countries is not a good thing, for he himself is not necessarily a good thing.


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